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Lewisham 177 Happiest Place in the UK

Or so the Mirror report. (Based on research done by this bloke.) Advertisements

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Happy Birthday to Me

Apple and blackberry cake, made by my lovely partner. What a fine way to start my fortieth year.

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Time to recharge

Right, time to go away for a bit. See you out here on the interweb when I’m back. Until then why not contemplate the fact that the internet is only about 5,000 days old.

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Idea + Square =


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Love your local?

Nick over at Brockley Central is bigging up the love your local competition, which is something he’s got a professional connection with.  They say: Where would we be without our friendly locals? Whether you’re after a great evening with close … Continue reading

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“Which Super Villain are you?”

You are Dr. Doom Dr. Doom 70% Apocalypse 62% Lex Luthor 60% Magneto 55% Riddler 54% The Joker 53% Dark Phoenix 53% Venom 50% Juggernaut 50% Poison Ivy 48% Mr. Freeze 47% Kingpin 42% Catwoman 40% Mystique 38% Green Goblin … Continue reading

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Novelty seekers are biased to the right

But apparently they’re a minority, or so the British Psycological Society are suggesting.

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