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David Miliband on the state of the Left in Europe


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Blue Labour

These thoughts are inspired by listening to the Radio 4 Analysis programme about Blue Labour. I should, I think, be sympathetic to the arguments that the proponents of Blue Labour are making.  My formative political education was at feet of … Continue reading

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Media bias?

YouGov have done some polling on how various groups in society are portrayed in the British media.  It turns out that we think that young people are the most distorted; with 46% saying they think that as a group young … Continue reading

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Indicators for Health Inequality

You might have woken up like me to hear that: Nearly half of all children in England are not reaching what teachers say is a good level of development by the age of five. Which comes from data produced today … Continue reading

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Reading the Coalition

Quite a lot of the stuff that I read that critiques the government comes from a centre-left perspective and paints it as Tory led and highly radical.  Here are a couple of examples. Andrew Rawnsley: I am increasingly struck by … Continue reading

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More on local budget cuts

Steve Bullock in the e-newsletter he sends out tells us just what the scale of the cuts are in Lewisham: The Council had been planning to have to reduce its budget by £60 million over the next three years. Following … Continue reading

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More for Less, or Less for Less?

Eric Pickles announced the local government settlement for the next few years yesterday saying he was expecting ‘more for less’.  We’ve been reminded that he does know local government, he spent time as a leader of a council in the … Continue reading

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