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The Benefits of Providing New Public Transport in Deprived Areas`

The JRF have produced a new report on the benefits of providing new public transport in deprived areas. One of the conclusions the authors draw from their research is: Improving public transport information and helping with the cost of fares … Continue reading

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Community leadership approaches to tackling street crime

I always think that the research that the Joseph Rowntree Foundation support gives up something interesting.  This report is about how some of the residents of the Wythenshawe in Manchester have affected their local community for the better. The approach … Continue reading

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How local planning authorities are delivering policies for affordable housing

JRF have what looks to be some interesting research on delivering affordable homes.  They conclude: S106 for affordable housing has proved to be robust in the face of continuing uncertainties. However, tensions are building up within the system regarding other … Continue reading

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Ward councillors and community leadership: a future perspective

Having got so exercised about the Guardian article previewing the report I should have known the full thing was going to be a much more nuanced piece of work. As is usual with the JRF there’s a summary and a … Continue reading

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