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links for 2008-03-31

Robbery and politics Henry is cheered and so will you be. He’s also thoughtful and so you should be too. (tags: HenryG) Swedish Homework James has a sentence about a Lewisham I’ve not visited in a language I can’t speak … Continue reading

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links for 2008-03-30

Hospital Demo Sue is disappointed in us (tags: SueLuxton)

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Lewisham Round Up

AGM Max and Sir Steve sitting in a tree… or something like that Calling all those in Lewisham Council’s Pension Scheme If you’re a member then Sue wants you to fill in a survey Brockley in the media Property is … Continue reading

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Songs I’ve Downloaded This Week

The Morning News kidkanevil, “The Profound Truth” I’m quite excited about this one. As the guy says “on indefinite repeat, this is what the future will, and should, sound like.” Find out more. Soul Detective Joni Wilson, “Flame Flame Flame” … Continue reading

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Don’t Binge and Cringe Evaluated

I hope that my old friends in the Blackheath Village Residents Group will find some joy in the evaluation of the Don’t Binge and Cringe campaign that was carried out over Christmas. As the authors of the report say: 2x … Continue reading

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Kate is back.

Kate’s imaginatively titled new blog, where she promises: Expect the same as before … actualy better to not expect anything then you wont be dissapointed. Good to see you back blogging Kate.

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Lewisham Young People as Victims of Crime

This paper which went to Mayor and Cabinet a few weeks ago makes for very sobering reading: Police statistics about reported crime suggest that recently young people from Lewisham have been more likely to be the victim of crime than … Continue reading

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Mayor and Cabinet – RSS Experiment

If Mayor and Cabinet papers won’t come to RSS, perhaps I can help bring RSS to Mayor and Cabinet. In an attempt to show that I’ve got too much time on my hands this morning I’ve set up a … Continue reading

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Lewisham Round Up

Trees reprise Brockleysiders debate where to put street trees Birds and Birders Tim watches the wildlife Green Ladywell: Response to Lewisham Police Consultation Sue gives the police the benefit of her thoughts. South London Ukes Transpontine says “the ukulele craze … Continue reading

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Love People

Isaac Browser

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