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Joan highlights housing benefit in Lewisham

Joan Ruddock (Lewisham, Deptford, Labour): I appreciate the opportunity to make a brief contribution, which I shall limit to my constituency, and to housing benefit in particular. Lewisham is a relatively poor borough, where wages are around £26,500 per annum … Continue reading

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Heidi outrages Eric

Heidi Alexander (Lewisham East, Labour) Yesterday we heard about the supposedly extra money that councils will get to meet the care needs of the elderly and disabled. How much is that sum of money compared with the total overall cuts … Continue reading

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Jim asks about Sydenham School

I thought I might use the power of They Work for You to highlight the Parliamentary activity of our three MPs in Lewisham. Starting with Jim Dowd who has asked (and received an answer) about listing Sydenham School. Jim Dowd … Continue reading

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The Armchair Auditor

Eric Pickles has set out his direction of travel in a speech about what he clearly sees as the extravagent waste that is rife in local government. But the rights or wrongs of that aren’t what’s got me thinking.  Rather … Continue reading

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Who’s fault is that?

Mark Easton looks at what accountability means to the government: Accountability won’t be driven by opposition politicians, quangocrats, journalists or pressure groups in Westminster. Bang go many of those expensive national bean-counters, beavering away to ensure taxpayers’ money is being … Continue reading

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Brown at 10

Anthony Seldon has delivered a lecture to the LSE about his forthcoming book about Gordon Brown. He is probably more sympathetic about Gordon (while being highly critical) than many others would be, and so it’s an interesting perspective on his … Continue reading

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Families in Lewisham

Apparently there’s no publicly available data that allows us to try and work out the impact for Lewisham of the government’s proposals to do away with universality around child benefit. But the Guardian have made the data on family size … Continue reading

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Teenage pregnancies

The Department for Education have released data on teenage pregnancies. The graph puts Lewisham in context with it’s statistical neighbours. If you take a look at the data you’ll see that Lewisham is unlikely to meet the target of reducing … Continue reading

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I don’t think this is really surprising but interesting none the less.  Data from here.

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Let the Record Go

If, like me, you find yourself enchanted by this song then you’ll be delighted that the band have posted it for download on their website.

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