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Spiced Frikadeller

Spiced frikadeller Originally uploaded by Andrew K Brown. Another Sophie Grigson recipe. These meatballs are a mixture of pork and beef mince to which you add a grated onion, some all spice, ground nutmeg, salt, pepper, an egg and breadcrumbs. I … Continue reading

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More on Political Party Websites

David Wilcox has taken what I had to say about political parties web presence in Lewisham and run with it (pausing to say some very nice things about this blog): I suspect this [encouraging more civic online activity] is going … Continue reading

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Having left a comment over at David’s about his post on Digital Dialogues I did promise (in an email) that I’d expand on the thoughts I left there.I argued that political parties (particularly at local level) should: stop believing the … Continue reading

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Digital Dialogues

Ross from the Hansard Society has been kind enough to send me a copy of the interim report that he’s done evaluating government’s use of web 2.0 stuff, blogs and forums and so on. Much of the above the radar … Continue reading

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Pork with prunes and apricot marmalade

This is adapted from a recipe by Sophie Grigson. You start by frying onion rings in butter, covered and on a low heat, for 15 minutes.  Then add the sliced fruit and a teaspoon of coriander seeds and that fry for another … Continue reading

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Lewisham Round Up

Still having trouble with getting my browsers to work with de.lici.ous at the moment.  But nevertheless, the search for things Lewisham goes on. This is what I’ve found this week. In what may become a theme in itself I see … Continue reading

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Victory is mine

You will, I’m (almost) certain, want to celebrate my stunning election victory at tonight’s branch meeting where I emerged victorious as not only a delegate to the Deptford Labour Party General Committee, but also as Vice Chair of the branch. … Continue reading

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Understanding what people are planning to do to the physical environment in your neighbourhood often comes down to wandering around looking for those tiny signs tied to lamposts and so on. No longer; or rather almost no longer.  Last night … Continue reading

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Reverse Graffiti

Now if the taggers around our way could look at this and take inspiration from it I think we all might be a bit happier. (Update, should have credited Kevin with putting me onto this.)

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Lewisham Round Up

Something weird going on with my browsers at the moment, which has meant that I’ve not kept track of as many Lewisham stories as I thought I had this week. Pat Condell describes his love of trees – “Then I … Continue reading

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